Day 2 – The day before disaster

What an awful week…. First of all, its Sunday and I am just now writing about Tuesday. Slacker, much?! Yup, that’s me! Tuesday (Day 2) was a good day. Breakfast and lunch were a repeat from Monday..remember, broke party of one. However, dinner was new and pretty darn amazing! I needed something that could be for dinner and the next couple of days. Found this Whole30 Chicken Tenders recipe on Pinterest and I was NOT disappointed. They were SO SO good! I bet they would have been even better if I didn’t overcook them. Anyone else have this problem with cooking chicken in a skillet? I always feel like they aren’t fully cooked then end up burning them a bit. Using a meat thermometer is a bit tricky on thin tenders sometimes. Or maybe it’s just me. Anyways, they were good, even slightly burnt. I made these Mashed Sweet Potatoes for a side. They also turned out pretty well. I did miss the sugar though. I sure do love me a good sweet potato casserole. Unfortunately, that is not allowed on Whole30. So for someone who doesn’t really like sweet potatoes without all the sugar and marshmallow, these were pretty good. That pretty much covers Tuesday. Wednesday is the day everything falls apart…


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